FISCHER’s Mastery of Surgery (2 Volume Set)


8ª Edición Noviembre 2023
ISBN 9781975176457

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For 40 years, Fischer’s Mastery of Surgery has provided expert, highly illustrated coverage of the procedures that general surgeons and trainees need to know. The fully revised eighth edition, under the editorial leadership of Drs. E. Christopher Ellison, Gilbert R. Upchurch Jr., Philip A. Efron, Steven D. Wexner, Nancy D. Perrier, V. Suzanne Klimberg, John H. Stewart IV, Valerie W. Rusch, Jon C. Gould, Susan Galandiuk, Timothy M. Pawlik, William C. Chapman, Benjamin K. Poulose, Peter K. Henke, Alicia M. Mohr, Saleem Islam, Anne M.R. Agur, Carol Scott-Conner, and David Renton continues the tradition of excellence with two full-color volumes that include the essentials of diagnosis, anatomy, and pre-operative planning while maintaining a focus on clear, step-by-step depictions and descriptions of procedures.

Brings you up to date with evidence-based approaches for virtually any surgery you’ll be called upon to perform
Provides extensive coverage (including select procedural videos) of common thoracic, breast, esophageal, endocrine, colorectal, gastric, pancreatic, liver, biliary, vascular, and transplantation procedures across 311 chapters
Includes new sections on perioperative care and critical care; abdominal core health; trauma, burn, and acute care surgery; and pediatric surgery as well as new Mastery Keys anatomy chapters
Walks you step by step through each procedure, with tips and cautions from leading surgeons
Concludes each chapter with expert editorial commentary that puts the chapter material in a broad context and provides helpful critiques of the most recent literature
Features more than 2,600 illustrations and photographs that offer a surgeon’s-eye-view of the most advanced approaches

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